Having medical or physical disabilities should not preclude anyone from travelling abroad. Disability Travel Insurance has a range of comprehensive policies to suit your requirements and conditions. We aim to give peace of mind that you are covered in the event of an emergency abroad.

Going through a medical screening process can be daunting, but with us it is a simple and straightforward process as questions are geared to your personal circumstances and based on diagnosis and not medication. Once that process is completed then a quote can be obtained based on destination and length of trip.

Our comprehensive travel insurance, if it be a single trip, annual or long stay includes cover for -:
• Emergency Medical Expenses and Repatriation • Cancellation • Curtailment • Travel Delay • Lost, Stolen or Damaged personal belongings ( including medication) •  Mobility Aids, Wheelchairs and Equipment • Plus many other levels of covers

If you rely on the help of a carer, provided they are insured on the same disabled travel insurance policy as yourself, then costs towards a replacement carer are covered. This allows you to continue to enjoy your holiday with peace of mind.